Ad Te Levávi Ánimam Meam

To Thee have I lifted up my soul (Introit – 1st Sunday of Advent)

Prayer For Priests

Posted by james0235 on December 11, 2007

O Lord Jesus Christ, Shepherd of all the faithful: I humbly pray You to look upon your vicar on earth, our Holy Father Pope Benedict. Bless his work and fulfill his good desires for the welfare of the holy Church. Give him strength and health that in peace he may govern the fold entrusted to his care and lead it to the heavenly kingdom. Amen.

O Lord, remember our bishops, especially Bishop (Local Ordinary), and bestow upon them the blessing of body and soul, that, by their word and example, they may point out the way that leads to You. Amen.

O Lord, bless and protect your representatives on earth, our priests, especially (Names), who labor in your vineyard for the salvation of souls redeemed by your most precious Blood. Give them prudence, perseverance, humility, and patience. Enkindle in their hearts the burning ardor which consumed the Apostles. May their lives be as holy as the truth they preach. Make them priests according to your own heart. Let their light so shine before others that they, seeing their good work, may glorify the heavenly Father. Amen.

O lord, enkindle the fire of holy zeal in the heart of all priests, that they may ever and in all things seek only your glory and incite us to an ever-increasing love for You. Give them strength, that they may always labor for your glory and for the salvation of our souls. Amen.

-Byzantine Book of Prayer

2 Responses to “Prayer For Priests”

  1. Father Joe said

    Thanks for the prayer. Peace!

  2. james0235 said

    You are welcome, Father. I’ve been trying to make it a daily habit to pray for all priests in general and several priests specifically. I will add you to my list.

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