Ad Te Levávi Ánimam Meam

To Thee have I lifted up my soul (Introit – 1st Sunday of Advent)

St. John Of The Cross

Posted by james0235 on December 14, 2007

In the General Roman Calendar today is the Memorial of St. John of the Cross. However, among the Carmelites today ranks higher. For the Carmelites of the Ancient Observance (O. Carm.) today is a Feast. And for the Discaled Carmelites (O.C.D.) today actually ranks as a Solemnity.stjohnofthecross.jpeg

The Mass offered by the Carmelites today would be very much like that offered by any other priest. But, there would be a few differences. First, the different rankings of the day mean that in most parishes (where it is celebrated as a Memorial) the Gloria and the Creed would not be used. The O. Carm. would use the Gloria today because it is a Feast, and the O.C.D. would use both the Gloria and the Creed because it is a Solemnity.

But, there is another difference I noticed. While the propers for the Mass are mostly the same in the Roman Missal and the Carmelite Missal the Carmelite Missal has two Prefaces for St. John of the Cross that don’t seem to appear in the Roman Missal:


The Father Has Given Us All Things in Christ

Father, all powerful and ever-living God,
we do well always and everywhere to give you thanks
as we honour Saint John of the Cross
through your beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

Through Christ, your eternal Word, you made all things,
and you clothed them with his beauty and goodness.
He is the fullness of revelation and grace;
in him you have placed all Wisdom within our reach,
and in him you make us
possessors of all heaven and earth.
In the mystery of his death and resurrection
he has reconciled mankind to you,
restoring us to your friendship
and reuniting all creation with you, its Maker.
And now he reigns in everlasting glory among his saints
as head and bridegroom of his Church.

With their great company and all the angels
we praise your glory as we cry out with one voice:

Holy, holy, holy Lord…


St John of the Cross as our Guide to Union with God

Father, all-powerful and ever-living God,
we do well always and everywhere to give you thanks
as we honour St John of the Cross.

His life and teaching set before us anew
the mystery of Christ’s Cross and victory.
He taught us
to make up what is wanting in Christ’s passion,
and to share and proclaim
the joy of his resurrection.
Inwardly strengthened by
the living flame of your Spirit,
he ascended in darkness the heights of divine union
as he sang canticles of your love,
the Church’s greatest treasure.

In our joy we sing to your glory
with all the choirs of angels:

Holy, holy, holy Lord…

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