Ad Te Levávi Ánimam Meam

To Thee have I lifted up my soul (Introit – 1st Sunday of Advent)

May Crowning Before Mass

Posted by james0235 on May 14, 2008

I believe this is the first time I have seen a May Crowning since I was in the 1st grade.

This video was taken by Tom Ryan, a man with powerful friends:

Tom Ryan and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

3 Responses to “May Crowning Before Mass”

  1. Poor Cardinal Ratzinger looks like was just accosted by a Jehovah’s Witness in St. Peter’s Square!

    What a cool photo though. If that had been me in the photo I can promise you would my Christmas cards would have been from now until my last Christmas…

    Come to think of it, I am pretty good with photo-shop. Hmmmmm.

  2. james0235 said

    I have had similar thoughts about photo-shop.

    I have heard that,prior to his election, it was a common sight to see Joseph Ratzinger wandering the streets of Rome. He would never hesitate to pose for a picture and more often than not he spoke your language.

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