Ad Te Levávi Ánimam Meam

To Thee have I lifted up my soul (Introit – 1st Sunday of Advent)

I Believe

Posted by james0235 on May 31, 2009

Plaque outside of Holy Family Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio:


“I believe in the Holy Spirit…”

Apostles’ Creed

2 Responses to “I Believe”

  1. Lauren said

    That is a beautiful plaque! I hope to see that sometime as I have family in Columbus and I hope to relocate to Ohio sometime in the next two years. It reminds me of how I have been thinking of getting my nieces and nephews some plaques with the Our Father or other prayers to hang up in their rooms. I think it sounds neat to always have a prayer to look at when you wake up and when you go to bed. I wish I had that as a kid.

    • james0235 said

      Holy Family is a great place. It is definitely one of my favorite churches.

      I remember when I was growing up that the light switches in the bedrooms doubled as holy water fonts. I still clearly remember that years later.

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